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  • Description

  • Our original rose-tinted stain is kiss-proof, see-through color for lips & cheeks that lasts for hours. Originally created for an exotic dancer in the 1970s, benetint has soared to cult fave status. It's loved by celebs, makeup artists and gals around the world.

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    The only thing I love about this product is the intense rose scent. If I apply on my cheeks, I cannot blend it and it looks patchy. If I apply it on my lips, it's super drying

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    I don’t really understand this product...as a check tint it’s patchy and doesn’t blend and as a lip tint it is very subtle. I only ever use this is if it’s a natural/no makeup day and I want my lips to pop and it’s nice for that

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    Wouldn’t use it for cheeks but is good as a lip tint.

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    This is a really nice buildable colour for the lips but it is super patchy on the cheeks. Would only recommend it as a lip tint 💛xx

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    Although it's meant for cheeks I prefer it way better being used on the lips as it gives a nice tint💋

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    I love the smell of this product, I havnt really used it yet but I would only use it on my lips as I'm not keen on liquid blush