Pure Active Intensive Anti-spot Exfoliating Scrub

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  • Description

  • Its creamy formula delivers a double anti-spot and anti-marks action: - The concentrated formula, enriched with a well-known anti-bacterial ingredient and powerful micro-beads, helps clear spots and blackheads. - Thanks to its intense scrubbing properties and enriched with a naturally derived active of Blueberry, it helps fade imperfection marks.

  • How To Use

  • Apply Garnier Pure Active Intensive Anti-Spot Exfoliating Scrub daily to a wet face. Gently rub the foamy cream scrub across your face focusing on the most affected areas and your T-Zone. Rinse thoroughly.

12 reviews

  • C


    I wouldn't say this is the best for spots or problematic skin as i have slightly sensitive and problematic skin and I just found this has aggregated those problems and made them worse. If using on clear skin it helps keep the skin clear but for anything else I wouldn't recommend.

  • B


    Love this products makes my skin feel so smooth and fresh😻

  • S


    I have sensitive combination skin, I used this exfoliating scrub and my spots only got worse for the whole entire time I used it x

  • S


    Just bought this and started using it makes my skin so softt and clear love it !!!

  • A


    I have no idea why this product has a low rating?! It's great, it's kept my skin looking clearing and a rarely get blackheads. Love it

  • B


    Didn't noticed any change.. just cleans your skin

  • J


    Made my skin worse!!

  • C


    This is a really gentle scrub that I used to use once a week as my skin was quite sensitive. This was good at keeping my skin soft but didn't do an awful lot for my reoccurring spots