L’Oréal Paris Brow Artist Genius Kit

Brow Powder

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      • It blends well

      • It is easy to remove

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      • It is pigmented

      • It is waterproof

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  • Description

  • The angled spooley brush allows flawless powder application whilst grooming the brow into shape. The pigmented wax allows hold for up to 12HR* and the powder used allows you to build layer upon layer.

  • How To Use

  • 1. Shape your brow using the tweezers to grab fine eyebrow hairs and really define your brow.
    2. Set and shade your brow, with the wax for up to 12HR* hold and the powder for a natural LOOKING colour.
    3. Style your brows into shape using the angled spooley brush.


  • S

    My lovely mother got me this and it does the job and all but I gave it to my sister as I just didn’t feel it worked with me

  • E

    Really nice. Good pigmentation and a great all round product. Would defo recommend :)

  • D

    I use L'Oréal brow products over high end brands because this product itself is amazing and pigmented plus it's affordable so when I do run out it's not gonna break the bank.

  • N

    The brush is too small, but this gives me flawless brows every time I use it.

  • L

    I live by this product. I have used it time and time again and it never fails to please. It comes with both powder, wax, tweezers and a brush (although the brush is too small to use properly -I use another one)