L’Oréal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray Unfragranced - Extra Strength


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      • It doesn't make hair feel sticky

      • It holds my hair style longer

      • It doesn't make my hair oily

      • It is easy to get rid of residue<>/b

      • It is easy to use

  • Description

  • Achieve long-lasting hold with L'Oreal Elnett 200ml Unfragranced SRP 2012 Hair Spray. Leaving your hair with a brilliant shine, your style will stay in place all day without any scent being left in your hair. It won't leave a crispy or sticky residue in your hair, thanks to the micro-diffused particles which ensure your hair sets without stiffness.


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    I would definitely recommend this to a friend but it is slightly more expensive than others x

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    I've used this for ages and it's amazing!! It's not sticky and it's great for thick hair especially!!

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    It is a good hair spray. Firm hold and you just brush it to start again with a new style and it leaves hardly any residue!

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    Is a good hairspray . Don't use hairspray that often . It did really work for me . when trying to do lose curls and used this hair spray . It lost its curl and the volume in 30 minutes . Is really good for thick hair from what I've heard . Would recommend this to anyone who has thick hair and has trouble keeping the volume and for curls/ straight hair in .

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    Great for thick hair

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    Its great for all hair types and its a classic, a must have

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    Really great for thick hair