L’Oréal Paris Wild Stylers


  • Description

  • If you want a tousled texturised look, with a dishevelled hair styling effect then you need to try Wild Stylers Next Day Hair. This mineral powder fixing spray has a fine diffusion to add a texturised effect and a careless messy finish. The no-rough touch formula gives the hair a natural feel, with an instant dishevelled finish. This trend is all about rock, grunge and wild dishevelled hair, an absolute 'must have' in your styling toolbox.


  • I

    I love L'Oréals Wild Stylers Next Day Hair! I use it after I've washed and dried my hair. Spray into my roots for a root boost, as my hair can get too soft after its washed to hold and height! I use it daily when my hair is in its natural state - which is curly. It sets my hair back to looking neat after being slept on all night. When I wear my hair straight, it's great for adding volume and hold. Dry Shampoo and Hair Spray in 1!!