NYX Tinted Brow Mascara

Brow Gel

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      • It doesn't flake

      • It lengthens lashes

      • It doesn't clump

      • It is waterproof

      • It is easy to remove

      • It creates volume

      • It is smudge-proof

      • It doesn't weigh down my lashes

      • It is easy to use

  • Description

  • No shame in wishing for a strong beautiful brow! Our foolproof tinted brow mascara helps your dream come true. It sets tames and tints brows for natural-looking wear. Our dependable formula leaves brows feeling soft while maintaining complete control.


  • L

    amazing for natural brows😍

  • A

    I love it because it's simple to use and is a very fast way to do my eyebrows that make them look good but still natural. It's so easy I love it.

  • A

    Gelt die Augenbrauen mehr als dass es sie tuscht und voller wirken lässt 😒

  • A

    Finde es seeehr gut

  • T

    Love, love, love ❤️... highly recommend 🌟⭐️🌟⭐️🌟fives stars

  • A

    A life saver when I want to make my brows look fuller ☺️👌

  • L

    recently bought and has not just made my brows better on a day to day basis it has made them stronger too!!🤤🤤xxx

  • M

    Good for natural brows