Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pro Palette

Anastasia Beverly Hills / Brow Powder

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  • Description

  • A must-have palette for makeup artists containing all 11 shades of Brow Powder Duo and Brow Primer. Use Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pro Palette to achieve the ideal brow color and a natural finish.

    Each pan contains densely packed, fine-milled pigments. Light and dark hues can be mixed for the ideal brow color.

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  • L

    @Lynsay G.

    This pro palette goes hand in hand with the dipbrow pomade shades I keep in my kit. Together they are Literally all I will ever need brow wise in my kit. The quality is so superior to any other brow products I have tried. Well worth the hype ❤️

  • S

    @Sassi R.

    A must for all makeupjunkies or Professionals. Fantastic easy to use kit. Love. ?

  • M


    Does anyone no where I could buy this ??

  • P


    Llloooovvvveeee this product manny mua used it and I feel in love when I saw it on him and I tryed it and 😍

  • J


    This would be good to someone who's an MUA as it's not worth buying for one person

  • b


    Really good for makeup artists as there is so many colours, can get cheaper options though

  • I


    It is so amazing but is is rly expensive

  • C


    Always dying my hair and this was my go to only 80$ and comes with all shades which is normally 28$ a pan... use it in my clients as well