Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel

Anastasia Beverly Hills / Brow Gel

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  • Clear Brow Gel is perfect for those blessed with this season's more voluptuous eyebrows and offers firm hold with a natural, non-sticky appearance to transform you from tangled to tamed in seconds. Anastasia Soare is 'the definitive brow expert' and has spent years perfecting the brows of Hollywood's A-List. Her list of fans reads like a who's-who of celebrity and now her expertise is available to everyone with her range of easy to use, affordable products.

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    This stuff is seriously like superglue for your brows. It holds the hairs in place like nothing I’ve ever tried before, and does a good job of locking product (powder, etc.) into place. I honestly don’t think I can live without this anymore. Even on my no makeup days I put this on, just to keep my bushy brows under control, and it does the trick and somehow instantly makes me feel more put together. Rinses off with no issue and the tube lasts a super long time.

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    Great brow setter! Doesn’t leave residue & locks brows into place while still feeling light weight. Highly recommend!

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    Bis auf den Preis tolles Produkt, augenbrauen bleiben da wo man sie hin bürstet

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    Honestly, I'd say £15 is affordable for such a great product by ABH. This Gel comes with an easy to use wand/spooly and keeps your brows hard as rock and in place all day. I found it made my brows fuller and bushier with just a few swipes! 10/10 would recommend

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    Really does do the job. Brows stay all day in shape!

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    Really really good and does what it says

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    It's a bomb product. But the Maybelline clear mascara works just as well. So I'm saving my penny. 💁

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    Best brow gel ever holds my brows in place for hours on end!