Avon Perfect Eyebrow Kit

Brow Powders and Sets
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Avon Perfect Eyebrow Kit
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    • It is easy to use100%
  • Description

  • This powder and wax set colors in brows and provides shape and hold. Eyebrows look defined and perfectly groomed. 

    • A powder and wax duo for brows
    • Available in 4 colors
    • Creates a naturally polished look
    • Forms and holds the shape of brows
    • Gives long lasting shape and hold
    • Lasts all day
    • Non-smudging
    • Dual angled brush
    • Mirrored compact
    • Is easy to apply
    • Dual-ended brush included

  • How To Use

  • • Smooth wax over brows to prep and shape
    • Fill in and define brow line with powder

  • 11 reviews of Avon Perfect Eyebrow Kit

  • Not great, first product I owned for brows and it didn't lasts and the wax in the pallet got pretty dirty....

  • I was unsure using this product as I've never used Avon products. Butttttt this product is amazingggg, I use it everyday on my eyebrows and it makes a difference; you can tell they have been filled in but at the same time they look natural! Cannot stress how much I recommend this!!

  • When I first got into doing my eyebrows this product was perfect. Would definitely recommend for people just starting to wear makeup!

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    • It is easy to use
    • It is affordable
  • This was my first brow kit I ever used. It worked well, lasted about 6 months of daily use, only comes with one colour, but it was ok.

  • This was easy enough to use but I don't honk it lasted well and the smallest of rub it smudged on me

  • Recommends: no

    I used to use this years ago. Would never use again as there is a wide range of brow definers about and this falls to the bottom for quality, precision and pigment. Not an impressive product

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  • Recommends: no

    Not a fan at all. The quality isn't great, the pigmentation is rubbish, it doesn't blend well, the shades are suitable for a lot of Brow colours and the wax isn't much better. Honestly wouldn't waste my money or time.

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  • It is quite hard to use but it is quite good for the price

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    • It is affordable