Banana Boat Aloe Vera Gel

Banana Boat / After Sun

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        • It doesn't make skin feel sticky

        • It is moisturising

        • It is lightweight

        • It is easy to use

  • Description

  • After a glorious day soaking up the sunshine, Aloe Vera Gel cools, moisturises and replenishes dry skin to help prevent peeling and give your skin back the hydration it needs. Unlike standard moisturisers, After Suns are specifically designed to cool and soothe sunburned skin. Use Banana Boat Aloe Vera Gel all year round, to help relieve Sunburned or windburned skin; Dry, rough and weathered skin; Skin irritation; Sensitive skin problems.
  • How To Use

  • Apply a good amount daily, in the morning and at night to face, throat and body. Reapply as required.

4 reviews

  • J


    Some aloevera gels can tend to make your skin worse. Always check the ingredients. If alcohol is one of the main substances put it back! That stuff will make it worse!

  • C


    I absolutely love this product. I use it as part of my cleansing routine as well as after laser hair removal. It soothes my skin and helps calm it down fast. Love it.

  • K


    I mainly use this when I'm sunburnt it cools it

  • M


    I sometimes use aloe Vera as a primer! Especially when I feel like my skin is having a rough day! I keep it I the fridge and use it on my face to allow it to exfoliate my skin and bring it back to life