Carita Gold Fluide De Beaute 14 Ultra-Nourishing Dry Oil

Carita / Body Serum

  • Description

  • A favourite of Harpers Magazine's Beauty Director, Newby Hands: “A blend of light oils and pure gold flecks, it gives bare skin the prettiest sheen. Tip: Blend oil or body shine only along the tops of the arms and down the front of the shins – it gives limbs a longer, more toned look.” Carita Gold Fluide De Beaute 14 Ultra-Nourishing Dry Oil is the essential beauty care product for dry and very dry skin and hair. This nourishing oil is for face, body and hair. The scent provides a pleasant feeling of toning and well-being. Actions and benefits: Nourishes, softens and smooths very dry skin with hazelnut and corn oils. Helps protect the skin from dryness and dehydration. It adorns the body with a subtle golden veil, leaving the skin incredibly soft, supple. Is it for you? You want the essential total beauty care for face, body and hair. 

  • How To Use

  • Face: apply a few drops in touches, avoiding the eye area. - Hair: apply to dry or wet hair to add golden and coppery highlights. - Body: apply to the body after a bath or shower.