El&So Velvety Exfoliator

El&So / Exfoliator

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      this beauty product to a friend or family member.

      • It exfoliates well

      • It is gentle

      • It makes my skin feel smooth

      • It doesn't irritate my skin

      • It doesn't dry out skin

      • It has a nice scent

      • It has a nice texture

      • It is pleasant to use

      • It is easy to use

  • Description

  • Our award-winning, eco-friendly exfoliator has a divine melting texture that transforms skin. We use natural Bamboo Powder – never microbeads – to help polish-away dead skin cells, makeup and pollution. Skin is deeply cleansed and ‘prepped’ to better absorb skincare. Skin-softening Shea and Mango butters help restore radiance and therapeutic Lavender oil is clinically proven to lift your spirits.

    Perfect for all skin types especially dull or decongested skin.

  • How To Use

  • Use 2-3 times a week. Lightly massage into damp skin on the face and neck, avoiding the eye area, and take a moment to breathe deeply. Rinse with warm water and pat dry.

11 reviews

  • CCharlea S.


    Just received this product and used it for the first time and it's amazing , my skin has been really dry and flakey this week from modelling for a makeup course. I instantly felt my skin feel smooth from using this product, it exfoliates well and my skin feels so much better would really recommend this product to everyone 👍🏻😍

  • TTammie-Louise


    So I got a sample of this and i liked it so much Im going to order it. The smell is not my favourite but that's because I love sweet smells and this is more natural. It's great on my skin but I have quite good skin to begin with so unsure what it would be like on troublesome skin, my skin is so softttttt now though I have to admit

  • LLeah N


    I recently received a sample from Veleza for this product and OMG!!! It's a game changer! It smells Devine and it has very small exfoliates which is great for getting rid of dry skin and it doesn't feel harsh on the skin at all! I have very oily skin and it really helped balance my oil with the natural oils in it! Well worth the buy I'm going out to get another now 😊 !

  • AAmanda's Beauty Page


    Recently received a sample of this exfoliator and its divine! Smells amazing! It's so smooth at first touch to the point it feels like melting butter, as you rub it into the skin the oils melt off any makeup or dirt leaving your skin feeling soft and moisturised. I will definitely be recommending this product to anyone and everyone!

  • EEvie G.


    I recently received this from Veleza as a sample. I have really dry skin so i've been looking for a gentle exfoliate that doesn't dry my skin out! Thanks Veleza ❤️❤️

  • JJodiekate


    El&so sample I received the other week! Finally got to try it out tonight, I'm super impressed. I was really surprised by the consistency, smell, texture etc and it really is velvety like it says. It's made my nose super soft and I even applied it to my lips like a scrub👄 amazing stuff ❤️

  • MMelaniee♡


    Gives the skin a good moisturised feel and also makes the skin less red, you can use this as a day cream or night cream I would say also it has nice scent! Also a little goes a very long I only needed to rub my finger in it!

  • BBelinda


    This exfoliator is absolutely divine! The texture of it is lovely and easy to use. I love the smell and how it leaves my skin feeling really smooth. I have been using this non stop and would buy this again!