Fake Bake Shimmer Medium Instant Tan Lotion Wash-Off

Fake Bake / Self-Tanner

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  • Fake Bake Beyond Bronze Instant Wash Off Shimmer Medium does not contain any self-tanning agents, so once washed off, skin will appear as it was before application. Perfectly suited for medium to dark complexions & exceptionally good for covering irregular skin tones for a natural looking and streak-free tan. This luxurious lotion uses only the finest naturally derived ingredients, providing a light, non-sticky coating to the skin which doesn't clog pores. The transfer resistant formula can be washed off with soap and water, leaving no colour. Ideal for one-off special occasions or as part of a daily beauty regime.

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  • K


    Really good instant tanner for a quick fix or last min outing if you wanna subtle glow

  • F

    @Fullscale J.

    Great instant tanner, goes on brown & has a lovely shimmer ✨