freezeframe Instant Lash Original

freezeframe / Lash Primer

  • Description

  • Unique innovative and effective the freezeframe Instant Lash Original boasts technologies which work together to extend your lashes by up to 4-8mm in length. A brush on lash extender it applies just like mascara to give instant results with long lasting effects. With a combination of two unique technologies which boast a collection of tiny synthetic hairs combined in a nourishing and thickening dark gel base Instant Lash Original features a patented silicone brush designed to deposit lash extensions perfectly. It gives an instantly seamless finish that lasts all day. K.D. Directions for use: Brush onto clean eyelashes in an upwards and backwards motion Concentrating on the lash tips repeat until you see the lash extension filaments attach and double your lashes instantly Follow with mascara