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  • Description

  • Garnier BB Cream + Blur is Garnier's new BB Cream innovation that combines steps of your beauty routine into one for beyond flawless-looking skin.

    Not only does it provide the hydration of a moisturiser and the flawless, complexion-evening effect you look for in a BB Cream, but beyond that, with a hint of perfecting primer, to reduce the appearance of shine, fine lines and to give skin a soft and velvety feel.

    Skin texture feels smoothed.

    Blurs wrinkles, pores, and imperfections.

    Matte & velvet finish.

    Moisturises & evens tone.

    UV protection - SPF 30.

    Moisturiser hydrates the skin while the tint evens out the skintone and the hint of primer smoothes the feel of skin texture.

  • How To Use

  • Spread the BB Cream + Blur like your regular moisturiser onto clean skin. Can be worn alone or on top of your day cream. Shake before use.

    Recommended age of use: 20-45yrs

4 reviews

  • AAngie Lillian


    This BB cream works extremely well and comes in so many different formulas for oily, dry skin etc would definitely recommend if you need something for school or light coverage.

  • rrosalynXx


    Such a nice application - makes skin feel smooth

  • CCelina


    Great for summer time! Gives a nice healthy glow with sheer coverage.

  • SSusie D


    A nice texture but the shades just don't match my skin tone.