Garnier Pure 3in1 Wash Scrub & Mask

Garnier / Exfoliator

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  • Description

  • The Garnier Pure range deeply cleanses and exfoliates to help protect against the appearance of imperfections every day - no matter how old you are. If you have oily or combination skin prone to imperfections and blackheads, Garnier's first 3 in 1 cleanser eliminates excess sebum, unclogs pores and evens skin tone for clearer skin that lasts
  • How To Use

  • Wash: apply to wet face daily. Massage product and rinse off thoroughly with water. Scrub: every day, massage the product in circular motions, focusing on the forehead, nose and chin. Rinse off thoroughly with water. Mask: 2 to 3 times a week, apply to your face and allow to dry for 3 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with water. Avoid the eye area, in case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with water. If irritation or dryness occurs, reduce frequency of use.

4 reviews

  • CChristine E.

    @Christine E.

    This is so amazing easy to use and feels amazing in your face

  • EEvelinaAvlasina


    Totally fave product which i use for a couple years. Perfectly if you have much points and problematic skin. Sometimes i use it like cleaner and sometimes like mask. Scrubbing with this product is just perfectly, i love this scrub!!!! I have dry and sensetive skin! β˜πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ’ž so perf

  • MMerlix O.


    This product worked very well for my skin. I loved using it. I definitely would buy it again

  • EElπŸ‘‘


    Helped lots with my pores, great product

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