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Kylie Cosmetics / Lip Gloss

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      • It is moisturising

      • It is pigmented

      • It doesn't make lips feel sticky

      • It is long wearing

      • It is easy to use

  • Description

  • This ultra-pigmented, lustrous gloss glides on the lips smoothly and evenly leaving behind a luminous and voluminous effect. A blend of vitamin E and highly emollient ingredients provide hydration and moisturize the lips, while natural lip enhancers provide volume. The gloss has an even and saturated application is provided with simplicity, yet comfort, and delivers a long lasting brilliantly glossy end look.

14 reviews

  • CCaitlin S.


    Love the glosses - such great pigment and my lips do feel really moisturised - the only thing is I don't like the applicator :/

  • OOlivia S.


    Great pigmented glosses!



    Literally gloss is my favourite, it's really pigmented and fades gracefully over a few hours, leaving the lips soft and smooth. I love this gloss and have a replacement ready for when I run out!

  • KKathrynBowden


    I love it a lot it has such a great formula for her glosses

  • SSelina ✨


    I don‘t like gloss but this is so Good and Not sticky

  • DDaisy ❤❤


    One of my favourite lip glosses!! 💓💓

  • KKirrily Emmett ✨


    Not the bigger fan of gloss! But this was really nice to use!

  • BBlank


    I love the gloss my lips feel really nice after using it and it is such a pretty colour I dot really like the applicator of the product though! Xx