Makeup Revolution Bulletproof Palette

Makeup Revolution / Brow Powder

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        • It blends well

        • It is easy to remove

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  • Description

  • Amazing palette to truly bulletproof your brows! Everything you will ever need, in one amazing palette, for the most refined HD brow needs.

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    This for the price is so good ! I love ❤️

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    Having my eyebrows microbladed i wanted something to fill in when needed this is great

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    Good x

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    Pretty good

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    A fantastically priced palette. I'm new to the Makeup Revolution gang, and so far I'm very impressed! The blendable pigmented shades make achieving your desired colour easy, and the brushes and tools are always useful extras, if not to the same quality as the individual products you may prefer to use instead. The wax is strong gilded and aids in building a nice shape, especially when you have caterpillars like myself. Wasn't 100% how to use the "arch improving cream" so guessed- answers on a postcard?

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    Make up revolution is such an amazing brand and is so under rated... I use this palette every day I do my make up to create the perfect brows!

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    My go-to eyebrow product, it has everything you need, even tweezers! I love the wax it comes with, super pigmented, easy to apply, but does not smear onto your face easily, especially once set with the powders. The "eyebrow arch enhancing" cream" (concealer) is amazing and extremely handy! Don't know what I would do without this product! 💛✨

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    So impressed with revolution makeup!!