Mary Kay Lash Love Mascara

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        • It doesn't flake

        • It lengthens lashes

        • It doesn't clump

        • It is easy to remove

        • It creates volume

        • It is smudge-proof

        • It doesn't weigh down my lashes

  • Description

  • Love your lashes with the mascara that defines, defends and delivers four times the volume while looking naturally flawless, soft and healthy. The flexible, sculpted brush separates and coats lashes.

    • Flake-, Smudge- and clump-resistant.
    • Mary Kay® Panthenol-Pro Complex™ helps condition lashes and helps defend against breakage.
    • Fragrance-free.
    • Ophthalmologist-tested and suitable for contact lens wearers.
    • Water-resistant formula.
  • How To Use

    • Pull wand straight out of the tube without swirling or pumping.
    • Place brush at base of lashes and sweep up from root to tip.
    • For longer, fuller-looking lashes, quickly reapply one or two additional coats.

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    Absolutely love this!