SeneGence SeneDerm - SeneSerum C

SeneGence / Face Serum

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      • It doesn't clog pores

      • It is suitable for sensitive skin

      • It is oil free

      • It is easy to use

  • Description

  • A 100% natural blend of the most advanced anti-aging ingredients in an ‘urbanization’ defense formula for all skin types. So light, it can be used night and day under moisturizers.

    • Works to repair damaged skin cells while helping to prevent further damage to create
    • Formulated with SeneShield™ with natural plant extracts to shield the skin from environmental hazards
    • Includes SenePlex® Complex+ a substantial breakthrough product for anti-aging skin care

1 reviews

  • OOlive D.


    I love SeneSerum C. I don't have sensitive skin, and I use it every day. You do have to run it in well. But it's light and not greasy. Feels great! And my skin is amazing!