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        • It is lightweight

        • It doesn't clog pores

        • It pro-longs the wear of makeup

        • It leaves a nice finish

        • It is hydrating

        • It doesn't have a strong scent

        • It hasn't caused breakouts

        • It is easy to use

  • Description

  • This miraculous primer can be used all over your face to minimize the appearance of pores, fill in fine lines and wrinkles, even out skin tone, prevent your foundation from caking, and brighten your complexion for ultra-vibrant color that lasts all day. Magic! How does it do this? Because we basically put diamonds in a bottle! No, really, we did. The key ingredient in this miracle primer is white sapphire, formulated into a smooth, silky cream that glides on effortlessly, leaving behind a crystal complexion. Just think of us as your fairy godmother!

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    This is absolutely my favorite primer ever! I have used much more expensive primers that didn’t work and where near as good as this one!

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    This is absolute my holy grail drugstore primer! I have very dry skin but this does a good job keeping my hydrated throughout the day. And it gives the perfect base for foundation!

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    Very affordable and easy to use... for my beauties Ilona budget , ... get it.🌟⭐️🌟⭐️🌟gives stars sealed with a kiss💋